Emerging Fitness Trends To Try: From HIIT To Yoga

Staying active and healthy is a priority for many of us, and luckily, the fitness world is an ever-evolving realm of new trends to maintain that lifestyle. 

It can be monotonous to stick to a singular routine day in and day out. 

So whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just an amateur, here are a few fitness trends worth trying:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

For those on the go or with jam-packed schedules, HIIT works to provide a time-efficient and effective way to boost cardiovascular health. 

HIIT involves short bursts of intense activity followed by brief recovery periods that help burn calories. 

Here are a few health benefits of this fitness activity:

  • Helps increase calorie burn and reduce body fat
  • May even help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels
  • Can help reduce heart rate and blood pressure in obesity
  • Helps build endurance and improve oxygen consumption


Exercise for the Zen. Exercise for the Mind and Body. Yoga is the most ancient practice in self-care and fitness.

With its emphasis on balance, flexibility, strength, and mindfulness, Yoga has stood the test of time. Yoga is renowned to provide a holistic approach to fitness. 

From Hatha Yoga to Vinyasa, there are various styles of yoga to meet individual needs and preferences. 

Here are the main benefits of practicing Yoga:

  • Yoga relaxes the mind and body by putting it at ease
  • Aids a healthier sleep cycle and heart rate
  • Improves balance, strength, and flexibility
  • Supports the immune system and helps improve posture


Other exciting fitness activities or trends include functional training to increase daily endurance and movement and group fitness activities like Zumba or cycling. These also help add a fun element of social interaction to your workouts. 


Ultimately, the key to an active lifestyle is to find a fitness style or activity that resonates with you and keeps you hooked. 

So whether you’re pumping through a fun HIIT session or finding your balance on a Yoga mat, don’t be afraid to discover these fitness trends and discover what your body likes best.

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